HAM QuickLog goes to Africa!

My app on the iPad in action in The Gambia

My app on the iPad in action in The Gambia

I found out that my app; Mircules HAM QuickLog was used in the C5DX DXPedition to The Gambia in Africa!

Most people that follow my blog will know that I’m the developer of Mircules HAM QuickLog which is an iPad app used for logging Radio Amateur contacts (QSO’s). I’m a software developer and I find it always nice when people are using my software!

The C5DX DXPedition was a mini DXpedition and demonstration of amateur radio to school students in The Gambia. The radio part was done by Alan (G4DJX). Alan is a headteacher of Sandringham School in St. Albans in the UK and they have a link with a school in The Gambia.

I had some contact with Alan and he was pretty positive about my logging software so I’m happy with that! He gave me some feedback about how he used the app and what would be nice additions to the app. I put a few of his remarks on my list of items to add in the app.

The Mircules HAM QuickLog app is since november previous year available in the Apple app store, so it’s pretty new. Any feedback about the app by the users is very useful for me!

More info:
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