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After a lot of software development and testing I finally put my new app in the Apple app store!

The app is called Mircules HAM QuickLog (or just QuickLog) and is an app for the iPad. It’s a logging app for Radio Amateurs and has a lot of very useful features.

Now of course every producer of software will say that their software is very useful, but I’m not only a producer but also a user and customer of my own software!

I’m using QuickLog a lot so I have been able to test it and to see which features I absolutely wanted to go in there.

Dogfooding your own software is, I think, the best possible way possible of testing for bugs and usability. It got me a product that I’m very happy with as a producer and a consumer! 🙂

You can find the app here HAM QuickLog website and also in the app store:

Here is a little click through video I made of QuickLog. Watch full screen for best readability!


A new version (1.1) has come out on the 9th of Januari with additions for activations (both for chasers and activators).

The additions / changes are:

  • Activation fields (SOTA and IOTA) are added on screen and in the import / export of logfiles. It concerns the fields IOTA, MY_IOTA, SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF.
  • Import from URL added. For people that dont have itunes installed and / or are using Linux.
  • The DXCC code of the entered contact is shown in the main screen, next to ITU zone and CQ zone (in the QSL Info title).
  • GPS bug fixed.
  • Some small bug fixes.

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  1. Hi,
    Nice job

    Could you add the ADIF field this would make the app very useful for SOTA activators

    We could import the ADIF log file and users can then use our SOTA upload facility

    If you don’t object I would like to publicise your app on our forum?

    Terry G4POP
    Log4OM Development team

    • Hi Terry,
      I had SOTA, and other activators in mind when I made this app so nice that you see the same possibilities!

      I would be happy to add the ADIF field on the logging screen, next to ITU and CQ zones on the top of the logging entry for instance? And also in the log entry itself.

      I will also send you an email because I see other possibilities in using this app for SOTA.

      Of course I would appreciate it if you would publicize my app on your forum.

      73 de Cees

    • Hi John,
      An Android version will come, but probably not with exactly the same functionality as in the iPad version.

      I have some ideas about this but I don’t want to say to much because the ideas can still change.

      Regards and 73,

  2. excellent Cees, thank you for the information. I am also a member of the Log4OM forum and Terry is keeping us updated so, rather than tie you up here, I will keep a lookout on the forum.


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