Mircules HAM QuickLog update for SOTA and IOTA

Mircules HAM QuickLog - SOTA and IOTA

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Previous week a new version of Mircules HAM QuickLog came out. As most people will know, QuickLog is a logging app for Radio Amateurs voor the iPad. I wrote about this earlier in another post.

The 2 most important additions to the app are “import from URL” and SOTA / IOTA support!

Import from URL makes it possible to import an ADIF file from any location on the internet. This is especially useful for people that don’t want to use iTunes or people that are using for instance Linux.

The second addition, SOTA and IOTA support, is an addition I made after people were asking for this specific functionality. As you can see in the image in the start of this post, a new section is added with Activation Information.

There are 4 fields where you can fill in the activation information for SOTA and IOTA. These fields are then used in every import and export that the user does.

Because Mircules HAM QuickLog is especially useful for activations (SOTA, IOTA, COTA, WFF etc…..) it’s essential that the supported ADIF fields for these activations are available in your logging app. And now they are! 🙂


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