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Some of the features of QuickLog:

  • Create as many new log files as you want. Supports create, modify and delete functionality.
  • Only fill in a few fields to log a contact; most fields are optional or have a default value already filled in.
  • Shows instantly all necessary info, after entering a call sign. Country, ITU zone, CQ Zone, number of contacts etc…
  • Add extra notes (scratchpad) to every log file.
  • Supports the ADIF and CSV formats for import and export of contacts.
  • View operator info in HAMQTH.COM and QRZ.COM.
  • View country info in Google Maps.
  • Supports a special Contest Mode with dupe checking and automatic update of TX EXCH, if so desired.
  • Import HAMQTH.COM operator info automatically into your log entry, if so desired.

Although QuickLog is extensively tested it is always good practice to make backups of all your logs! Please test and become familiar with the app before using it in a live environment.